Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tulsa Tough - Part 2

Day two of racing took it down to the Brady District of downtown Tulsa. We waited until the afternoon to go, but the racing started at 8 AM. I had intended on doing one of the rides in the morning, but felt horrible from a cold and did not participate. I went for a 5 mile run and had no energy. I am glad that I did not ride. I am disappointed as it only comes around once a year, but I will still do the Townie ride with my daughter. Racing was just as intense as the day before, except the heat was playing a factor.
This is the Pro Women's group. On both days the Peloton stayed together all during the race and there was no breakaways.
This was a bad picture of Floyd Landis's back. He is to the left of the big hippie guy. I guess he has a bodyguard. I walked by Floyd twice, but I did not want to be a geek and ask for a picture. Maybe on Sunday I can get a better picture.
Cool team pit car.
Brad Huff wining the Pro Men's race. He won on Friday and Saturday. The only person to ever do that in the 4 year history of the Tulsa Tough.
This is a motley crew.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I am that "big hippie" guy, and I am gonna look you up and whup your arse. I am not a hippie....I did not vote for Obama, I go to the Antioch Baptist Church, and I am pretty sensitive about my weight.

I'll be lookin for you at the Tulsa Townie.

tomdog said...

Sorry I missed you today. I guess it was pretty hard to considering how big you are. Maybe next time.

Welcome to the blog Brian.