Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tea Time

As I sit here listening to the rain come down, once again, I think it has rained every day for the last three weeks, I am sipping and enjoying my Yerba Mate hot tea. I did get my 11 mile run in this morning before the rain. First half at a little over 8 minute mile pace and last half at 7:15 pace. I have learned to enjoy the health benefits of hot brewed tea. I like all kinds of different teas, but Yerba Mate, pronounced (mah-tay), is my favorite.

It is the national drink of Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. It is enjoyed by the locals by drinking it through a gourd. Very similar to the American bong, but not quite the same effect. Leaves are mixed with hot water and it is sipped several times a day. Of all the teas, Yerba Mate has more antioxidants than any other tea. It scores above 5,000 on the ORAC chart. The chart stands for the Radical Absorbance Capacity or its antioxidant capacity, which helps us who exercise a lot and thus create free radical damage. The higher the ORAC, the better it is for us to help fend off any of the potential radicals.

Yerba Mate helps raise the metabolism, regulates the appetite, aids in digestion and provides minerals, amino acids, and B vitamins. I like to add a honey to my hot tea and look forward to enjoying it. I drink a lot of other teas, but Yerba Mate is my favorite. Next time you are in Whole Foods or the health food store, check it out and maybe you will develop a new healthy habit. I have to go, my tea is getting cold. Later.


Bobby said...

Now you've got me wanting to try Yerba Mate. I'll put it on my shopping list. I wish we could get some of the races to furnish tea.

tomdog said...

Bobby, I personally drink the EcoTeas brand. I have not tried very many others, but the EcoTeas brand is the bomb. I buy mine at Whole Foods.

Doing the Aquarium run this weekend?

Bobby said...

Trying to get my legs to feeling better before starting to train for a fall marathon (hopefully Greece) so will not be running in the Aquarium run.

Rob Chance said...

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the comment. Looks like that tea may be performance enhancing;-) Old guys like us need all the free radical scavengers we can get.