Thursday, May 14, 2009

Running in the Rain

I woke up this morning to guess what, RAIN!!! I got the kids going and on the bus and thought I would go back to bed for an hour as it looked like the rain may pass through. With all this rain I started to get an attitude.
I started to think, what a crappy day, but I caught myself and realized, the day is kind of whatever you make it. I got my gear on and went on an easy 5 miler. It was sprinkling a little, but nothing major. I made it to about a mile and a half and it started to pour. People were driving by and giving me the look as to say, What an Idiot!
I ran by a tire store and some of the guys gave me that look, but my thoughts were, this is no dumber than the cigarettes you are smoking. Now, who is dumber! I ended up doing the 5 like I planned and had a decent run. I feel better and a little rain didn't bother me. I even had a redhead go by in a Red Jeep Liberty and honk at me. I think she might have something to do with a running store in town.I think this might be good training for the Aquarium half this Saturday. Get outside and enjoy life!

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Bobby said...

Personally I love to run in the rain. Makes me feel like a kid again.