Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip Report

We took off Saturday morning and headed back home to Carthage, IL. We wanted to go back and spend some time with my mother who is in a Nursing Home. She does not get out much and has no other family around. Since she went in the Nursing Home last fall, we have felt that we need to go back a little more and visit. I particularly do not like to go back much as there is not a lot to do or see and each time we go back, things seem to be getting smaller. We stopped in briefly to see her on Saturday and made plans to take her to her church on Sunday, which she hasn't been to in awhile. We picked her up on Sunday morning and we headed to Dallas City, IL. Church was over by noon and we headed across the river to Fort Madison, Iowa for lunch. After that, we stopped at the old Historic Fort on the Mississippi river.

The fort was established in 1808, but was actually burnt down, but it has now been restored.
It is really not that big, but it was a presence on the river to thwart off Indian attacks.
The might Mississippi River. That is Illinois on the other side.
Nice little park by the river.
I love this sign. The lady in the gift shop told us the sign was not real. Darn it!
After that we stopped in at Nauvoo, IL and toured where I used to work at and visited the original Mormon settlement. If you know anything about guns or bows, you have heard of Browning. This is Jonathon Browning's original gun shop.
We dropped Mom off and headed to the father-in-laws in Macomb, IL. Things in Macomb are not much better as several factories have closed and the last two are laying off. This was Zeta manufacturing which made garbage bags. They have completely closed down. I worked there for one day years ago. Long story.

We drove to our abode and in Illinois, you always see deer. If you look close, you can see the buck in the background.
We then went over to the Old Stompin' grounds at Western Illinois University. This is the University Library, which is the largest in the State of Illinois.

School was out, but I found these two yahoos hanging out.
Grandpa has a pond and Monday was spent fishing. Wyatt caught almost 50 fish.
Then it was time for the guns. Yes, we let our kids shoot guns. Guns are not the issue, idiots with guns are the issue. This is Shannon shooting a gun for the first time. A .22 rifle at a 100 yard target.
Wyatt also got in on the action and hit the target on his second shot.

It is good to be back in Tulsa, but the small town life has some advantages, slower pace, no traffic, less crime, and everyone knows everyone. On the downside, no jobs, have to drive to get anywhere, and nothing to do, especially for the kids. I am glad we live in Tulsa and have made the friends we have. Tulsa is a great place to raise a family and to live. Those who say that there is nothing to do in Tulsa, need to come with me sometime back home.

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