Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're Back.....& I'm Ticked Off!

Well, not really, just more frustrated. We had a decent trip back to Illinois to visit family and just slow down for awhile. My frustration is with my swimming. I had a chance to swim at the Y in Macomb on Sunday for an hour and on Monday for 45 minutes. You would have thought I had never swam before in my life. I do not get it! I can run a sub 1:30 1/2 Marathon, have the second fastest bike split at the St. John's Indoor Tri, finish second in a 6 hour Ultra race with 36 miles, but I struggle to swim consistenly in the pool. I took the Kona Aqautics swim class and bought the DVD, read a book, and I try to read any article I can get and I really struggle to do well in the swim. I struggle with breathing and my technique needs work. A guy I work with says that he used to teach swim lessons and some people never get it. I don't buy that, but I am starting to wonder if I am one of those cases. I joined the Y a year ago and I feel as though I have not gained much. I have several dreams of doing a lot of triathlons with Ironman included, but I can never reach it, unless I can swim. I need to do some soul searching and maybe stick with ultras, marathons, and duathlons. I took Kung Fu for two years, but realized that I was never going to have the flexibility to accomplish what I want to. I cannot settle for just second best and want to be the best at whatever I do and swimming may be like Kung Fu. Maybe I need more lessons or maybe I need to give it up. I would feel as though part of me was unfulfilled if I do, but it may save me some frustration and grief in the long run. I do not quit easy, but after not progressing much after a year is very frustrating. I have gotten better and have went from not swimming for 30 years to being able to complete a Sprint, but it is nowhere near what I want it to be. The breathing is still about the same for me as is my stroke. Who knows, maybe I will keep trying, but for how long? This is my rant for now as I am tired and need to relax for awhile. I have posted some pictures from on the road and will give a better road report after I am rested up.
The Macomb YMCA.
Barge on the Mississippi River.
Old Glory on Memorial Day at the Carthage Cemetery.

This is what happens when kids get bored and don't have enough to do.
This is what I need to do for now, chill.


Rob Chance said...

Keep it up. You will get it. Swimming is like golf, you always have to work on your swing/stroke. Constant biofeedback and tweaks. Get the most out of each stroke. Good luck

tomdog said...

Thanks Rob. I appreciate the kind words. I really struggle with this, but I am too stubborn to quit. I am heading back to the pool tomorrow. I may even go out to Skiatook on Saturday to see if I can do all of the Tulsa Tri or just the Land Lover divison.