Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tulsa Tough

Well this is my attempt and creating a blog to voice my opinions, thoughts, training, and anything I want to add. I hope you enjoy.

Today was bike pick up day for Shannon to get her free Trek Bike. The Tulsa Tough bike is coming up in a few weeks and 300 kids were given free bikes sent by Trek and funded by St. Francis Hospital. She had to attend a basic intro class and today was bike pick up and a skills and drills class. We spent a couple of hours attending the class and then it was back to the normal Saturday shopping routine. I am glad I got my run in earlier today. I have fighting plantar fascitis and have cut back on my normal running. I managed to get a little over 8 miles in this morning in a little over a hour. The heel is feeling better, but it is not 100%. I will glad to get back to normal. This low running mileage is cramping my style. I need get back to where I used to be to be able to run some races. Oh well, such is life. I need to left it heal properly so I can hit it hard again. That is enough for today. I hope everybody does well at the Full Moon Run tonight. Later.