Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Julie and I have been expecting for awhile. We didn't really care if we had a boy or a girl. All we wanted was another healthy addition to out family. On Saturday after the race, everyone started feeling tired and then about 2 pm in the afternoon is when it all happened. The delivery was a lot easier than we expected. We weren't for sure if things were going to happen on Saturday or it was going to happen on Sunday. Once things got going it became a breeze and we became parents again. He was healthy and seemed to fit right into the family immediately. We had get some medicine to take home with us, but other than that, he was good to go. So, without further ado, here is our newest child, Ozzie.
He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is 7 years old and has already become part of the family.
He is a rescue dog that the owner had a small child with one on the way and was getting ready to start 12 hr. shifts as a Nurse and did not have the time that he needs. So he is now ours. The neat thing about all this that my daughter has believing for awhile for a CKCS and had put a scripture up on the refrigerator to stand on for the dog. A friend of my wife's found out about the dog, told us about it, and then gave us the money to adopt him. All I can say is, God is good!
So, the next time you see us, we have one more in the clan. Feel free to come up to us and say Hi to Ozzie.

On a more serious note, The Man, Six Time Ironman Champion, Dave Scott, was hit on his bike in Boulder, CO on Sunday. He appears to be OK and underwent surgery on his shoulder. Keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery.


Bobby said...

Is his last name Osbourne?
Kinda has the same sad eyes as Ozzy Osbourne.

Rob Chance said...

Nice looking Dog! Dave Scott was in OKC on Saturday, watching his son compete in the junior triathlon. He should have stayed there and done the age group race.