Thursday, January 1, 2009

It has been awhile since I have posted for various reasons. All could be a viable excuse, but in 2009, I am tired of excuses. I plan on keeping up to date with this blog and sharing what ever adventures come our way. Life is an adventure and it is meant to be lived to the fullest. This is part of my quest.
The holidays and my family were really good to me this season. With the changing of the seasons, I have been biking less on my road bike and have tried supplementing the exercise bike at the YMCA, to which I am not real fond of. Staring at sweaty people's backs does not do much for me in the way of motivation. So, low and behold, my great family blessed me with a CycleOps fluid trainer. It has been the bomb! I think I have missed only one day of not riding on it. I even did the training DVD that comes with it last Saturday morning during the storm. The DVD is one put together by Robbie Ventura, former pro cyclist and Lance Armstrong teammate, that simulates a criterium race. I had a really hard time keeping up with it, but I did not quit and afterwords, I was a little hypothermic. I usually only get that way after a hard road Marathon. This was truly an intense workout, as evidenced by the pools of sweat on the carpet. I think I need a mat.
Last night we all did the Race Into the New Year. It a local race here in Tulsa that is put on by Brian and Kathy Hoover, co-owners of Runnersworld Tulsa. It is an unique race as that you start at 11:45 pm and literally race into the new year. This is assuming that you cannot run under a 15 minute 5K. Last year Kyle King, Olympic Trials qualifier in the mile and 5000 meters, ran it under 15 minutes and finished before the new year. That is smoking! This year my daughter Shannon and the misses ran the one mile fun run and Wyatt, Will, and myself ran the 5K. My youngest son Wyatt got first place in 1-8 year age group and I managed a 3rd place in the 40-44 age group. Not too bad for running at night and amongst 700 other crazies. Brian and Kathy always do an excellent job on putting on a race and it is a must do every year.
The double header on this is to do the Polar Plunge the next day in the Arkansas river. I will post more on this as the day unfolds. How bad could it be? The water temperature at the
present is 56 degrees and air temperature is 42 with a 15 mile and hour wind for a chill of 34. I will let you know later.

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