Friday, January 9, 2009


Well we made it back from the Great White North. I have posted some pictures of the trip. I will post a full report tomorrow after I rest up. Enjoy.

This is where Julie and I first met at the Campus Students for Christ house at Western Illinois University. She lived upstairs and I lived downstairs.

This is the apartment where I grew up in Carthage, IL. There was a pharmacy downstairs and we lived upstairs.
The courthouse across the street from the apartment.
This is the church where Julie and I were married at.
My high school in Carthage, IL. A whopping class of 57 students.
The football field and track at Western Illinois University.
Look real close in this picture and you can see the deer. This is just down the road from my father-in-laws. They are everywhere in Illinois.
Don't think it gets cold in Illinois. This is Carthage Lake. The ice was very thick and some guys were getting ready to drive their truck out on it. I wasn't able to get a picture of it.See the little sparkles in the picture. That is snow coming down. It was cold.
Its good to be home where its warm.

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