Thursday, January 1, 2009

Polar Bear Plunge

Today was kind of a weird day in that we finished a 5K race early this morning and then this afternoon we got back together with the Tulsa Area Triathletes, Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners, and other friends to do the 3rd annual Polar Bear Plunge. This event takes place on the west bank of the Arkansas river and involves a short scramble race or the optional plunge. My son Will and I decided to brave the river for the scramble and see if we were men enough to handle the frosty waters. The race started at a little past two o'clock in the afternoon and brought out about 100 brave souls. Former TAT President, Scott Ostrem, gave the us the commands and we took off for the short trail portion leading to an island. I did not run all out and I was not prepared to do so and my left hamstring was a little sore still from the morning race. I ended up back in 10th or so heading out on the island. After running in the sand we ran along the east shoreline and made a turn by the buoy and heading into a little deeper water to head back to the finish. At one point in this I had to swim briefly as the bottom was too deep to touch. I passed a few kids at this point and then we had to do the limbo at the finish under the bar to complete the scramble. So, there was no way of getting out of going completely under. The weather conditions had improved for the day and was in the 50's with a slight south wind, the air temperatures were not bad. After the race, we all headed back to the tent for tamales, chili, and other goodies. Once again, Runnersworld Tulsa provided some great door prizes and it was great to see some old friends.

After making some pit stops on the way home, Borders for the new Jentzen Franklin book on fasting and Akins for some supplements, it was time to get back. I spent an hour on the bike trainer and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset. Not too bad a day to start out the new year.

As far for this last picture, it is my good friend Trail Zombie at the Polar Bear plunge. When he comes out to an event, he spares no expense. I felt like I was hugging a wookie. It was good to
see old friends. That's me in the middle with TZ in the bikini and my son Will on the other side.

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Bobby said...

The Polar Bear Plunge was a fun event to witness.