Friday, January 16, 2009


Something strange happened yesterday when I got up. It was snowing! Wow! It has actually snowed in Oklahoma. It is nice every once in awhile to see some snow and have it remind me of back home. I don't like the cold weather that accompanies it, but it is nice to see it now and again. This weeks training has been going pretty good. I am training for the upcoming St. John's Tri on 1/24 as to not embarrass myself. I am not worried about the run, but I am about the swim. I was able to swim 500 yards yesterday at 10 minutes. Not stellar by any means, but a breakthrough for me. I signed up for the Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen swim seminar in a couple weeks at St. John's, so hopefully that will help. Check out her website at I have rode the bike every morning before work for an hour on the trainer. Monday I swam for about 40 minutes before being rudely interrupted. See previous post. I have swam at lunch every day since Tuesday for a half an hour and I ran 5 miles Wed. night and about 6 miles last night in 13 degree weather. I plan on a longer run for tomorrow. Have a great weekend and get outdoors!

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