Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Almost Here!

In just 3 days we will be heading to Leadville, CO to run the Leadville Marathon. Leadville sits at 10,152 feet in elevation and is the two mile high city. The race starts downtown and heads up to Mosquito Pass at over 13,000 feet and back down to Leadville. We are leaving Saturday, a week ahead of time, to hopefully acclimate better. Tri star, Tim DeBoom, ran it last year and finished second. He got chicked by Keri Nelson as she was the overall finisher. Tim's and Keri's time were just under 4 hours. I am hoping to get under 5 hours, but I may just be glad to finish. It should be fun and a new challenge.
This will be our backdrop for the week. I have heard the views are breathtaking and I cannot wait to experience it.

I also wrote an article for the Tulsa Running Club about the tragic loss of Christa Voss and Matthew Edmonds and how it impacts the community. Here is the article, it is on page 15. I hope you enjoy it.

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