Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tour Time

I can honestly say this year's Tour De France is one of the best. I have been watching with eager anticipation as to when Lance was going to attack and how he was going to perform. I have literally been yelling at the TV for Lance to breakaway or to give a raspberry to Contador.
Contador is one heck of a rider and he will repeat as the Tour De France champion this year. He smoked the competition in the Time Trial today and has proven he is for real, but the bottom line is, I cannot stand him. His tactics in yesterday's stage were all about him and not about the team. He dropped his teammate like a hot rock and helped the Schleck brothers gain some spots. Even they were shocked.
There has been no secret that once the Tour is over Contador, Johan, and Lance are parting ways. They just cannot wait long enough for it to happen. The situation has been doomed from the beginning as you have two big egos on the same team and one is not going to lie down for the other. It is too bad, but it also great to see what Lance is doing and shows that even some of us old guys can still hang. He has definitely proven himself better than what Greg Lemond did. Greg, you can leave Lance alone now!

Also, this weekend is the White River 50 miler. Big name guys like Krupicka, Crowther, Koerner, and Wardian and going to go head to head in the state of Washington. The line up is incredible and the competition fierce. I cannot wait to see the results. This should be good race training for Tony in his bid to re-take the Leadville 100 title this year. The line up for the race can be found here.

Also, a shout out goes to fellow TATUR Arnold Begay who just completed the Badwater 135 in just over 58 hours. Way to go! That is quite the accomplishment and one I am not for sure I want to do. I hate the heat, but you are a stud. Way to represent!

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog Tom. I think I am finally to the point that I MIGHT be able to keep up with you on some of your training runs. I have been training at about 7:20 min/miles on my short stuff and about 8:20 on my longer runs.

I would love to start doing some training runs with you as really need to start pushing myself.

Let me know of you would like some company on any of your runs. I work pretty much M-F 10am-6pm.

Congrats on Leadville, you are a stud.