Friday, July 3, 2009

Leadville, Here We Come & Birthday Girl

Well, we are off first thing in the morning. The day has finally come to pack up and go to Leadville, CO. We planned this in January and it is finally here. I am excited and ready to pee my pants about running the Leadville Marathon. I look forward to it, but having never ran at altitude, it is a bit scary. I am giving myself a week to acclimate and I hope that helps. We are also bringing the bikes to do some cross training to keep busy. I plan on running Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and race day and then biking on the alternate days. This should keep the legs limber and not overdo it, but that may be easy to do in the thin air. We are planning on watching the fireworks display in Leadville tomorrow night and then relaxing on Sunday. One day this week, I have to go to Boulder. I am not for sure what to see, but I know it is the mecca for athletes and I want to check it out. What a great trip this going to be.
Can we go yet?
Today was also mother's 38th birthday. Pardon the picture of the scantily clad boy. He spends most of the summer that way. We were able to surprise her with some gifts and some jewelry. This makes it that she has been married to me the same amount of time she was single. For those of you mathematically challenged, she was 19 when we got married. Poor girl, I have felt sorry for her ever since. She is a great wife, mother, and crew babe. She has definitely put up with a lot with me, especially going along to crazy adventures like the one tomorrow. Happy Birthday!
Nothing says love like the gift of Nacho Libre! I think she is in love with Jack Black when he clenches his cheeks. If you don't know what I am talking about, watch the movie.

This will be my last post for awhile until we get back. I hope to have some great pictures and a great race report when we get back. Until then, get outside and have fun!

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