Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scenes From Colorado

Fire on the mountain. We were privileged to be able to watch the fireworks from the Leadville High School on the 4th of July. It was cool enough that people had stocking caps and coats on. Wow!
On top of Breece Hill overlooking Leadville. Notice we are wearing jackets.
Beautiful view overlooking Turquoise Lake with the Mountains in the background.
At the top of Fremont Pass at the Climax mine. Notice the elevation.
Wyatt in front of the elk on Pearl Street in Boulder. Definitely warmer.
The remnants of Oro City. This was a very prosperous mine and city at one time and this is all that is left.
Rainbow trout at the Leadville fish hatchery. Very cool.
This what the real Arkansas river looks like.
I am sorry this thing that runs through Tulsa, is an impostor.
Last Thursday was my birthday and when you are vacation and have no candles, what else is there to use other than GU.
Storms brewing by Mt. Elbert.
Rainbow after the storm.
Some of the TATUR'S starting the hard day at the Marathon.
Johnny Spriggs, President of the Tulsa Running Club at the finish.
After the awards ceremony with my finisher's mug. Well earned!


T Z said...

Great pics. And hey, that's one ugly mug you have there!

Bobby said...

Thanks for the great shot of the Arkansas river. Wish it looked like that through Tulsa.