Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hodge Podge

I have several things to report from this weekend. First off, kudos to Hal Koerner from the Rogue Valley Runners and Anita Ortiz from Eagle, CO for winning the 2009 Western States 100. Hal was the winner from 2007 and I think this is Anita's first 100, I may not be correct on that, so don't quote me. Hal finished around 16 hours and Anita was around 18 hours. What a great race. A lot of the big names, Jurek, Karnazes, Mackey, dropped out. Some of the others did not even show. My hat also goes off to Gabe Bevan and Rick Mayo from the KC Trail Nerds for finishing the race. Gabe had a great race at around 21 hours and Rick was just under 24 hours. I have ran against both of them and have even ran with Rick at the first Turkey & TATURS. Rick also won the second year version of Turkey & TATURS. Great job guys!
On Saturday I did a 20 mile ride with Church on the Move Cycling group. We started out at the church and did the Redbud ride. I was up in the lead fast pack and we did a ridiculously fast pace. At one point on a downhill I was doing about 42 mph. The lead two peeled me off after several miles, but I never lost contact with them. I was really sweating and breathing hard after that.
Here are some of the guys after the ride. I am not for sure why the picture is kind of blurry.
Today, we headed over to Sand Springs to watch the OK State Criterium races. Turns out it was a smaller group of racers than expected, but it was still a good day to sit in the shade and watch some racing. This is the picture of the pit area.
Here is a picture of the ladies as they were rounding the corner. The course was kind of technical and had a few hills. We saw a couple of people crash right here.
After the women's race, I experienced one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Christa Voss and Matthew Edmonds were tragically killed by a drunk driver on June 6th. The family was there today at the race and the both of them had their Cat 2 licenses posthumously awarded to their families. A lot of tears were shed and it was a very humbling experience. I was glad to be a part of it.
They announced that all the proceeds from the race would go to the Memorial fund, The judges donated their pay and I believe the winners of the race were going to also. The Bicycles of Tulsa race team were allowed to start up front and lead a neutral lap before the racing was on. Raton Parmain was in the group and he is a fellow TATUR and a great guy.
It was a fun day and a very sobering day. I was glad to be alive and spend the day with my kids. Please consider donating to Edmonds & Voss Memorial Fund by clicking on the highlighted area. Thanks!

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