Sunday, July 12, 2009

Living On Tulsa Time

There is nothing like running the second hardest Marathon in the US, tossing and turning for about 4 hours, getting up at 1:30 AM and drive 13 hours to Tulsa. That is what separates the men from the boys. Something like that.

We left Leadville real early this morning in 40 degree weather and arrived in Tulsa to 100+ degree weather. We struggled initially in Leadville to breathe because of the altitude and we are suffering just as much here to breathe due to the heat. I really want to be back in Leadville. The highest temperature we saw was 75 degrees.

Just to give you a brief report, until I can do a full one tomorrow, is to say that the Leadville Marathon is the real deal and can only be described as intense. I struggled quite a bit through it and did not reach my initial goal, but I am very happy with my time. The climb up Mosquito pass really tested me and zapped a lot of my strength, but hey, that is what makes up stronger. It was fun, challenging, and one I look forward to trying to better in the future. I will let you know more in detail after I rest, eat some pizza, and watch the Tour De France recap. We did not have satellite all week long, so I am behind on the Tour.

My week and experience can best be summed up by the painted sign below right on the main road in town. What a rush!

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