Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tulsa Kids Triathlon Race Report

Today was the 12th annual Tulsa Parks kids triathlon and our young gun, Wyatt, entered into the short course version. Last year he did the long course, but he still struggles with the swim and did not want to wear a life jacket, so he entered the short course version. The swim is 25 meters, bike 1/2 mile, and 1/4 mile run. He was really overqualified for the bike and run portions, but that is what he wanted to do.
They did not start the short coursers until the last long course person was off the course, which took about an hour. Here he is waiting in eager anticipation. I asked him if he was excited or nervous and he said, "Why would I be?" Nuff said.
They line up the kids one by one and start them 10 seconds apart. He needs to get some more sun.
After exiting the swim area he could take off running. He kind of looks like an Ethiopian. He will be a great runner, very light.
Coming in off the bike, too fast for the camera.
Coming into the finish chute.
Glad to be done. Great job, way to go Wyatt!
They make sure and give every kid a medal and do not award places. It is very non-competitive, but a lot of fun to watch and cheer them on. Hopefully, he will do the Ironkids next month in OKC.

Next up tomorrow is the Chris Brown Duathlon. I should be able to improve my time from last year as I have a real tri-bike this year and my runs last year were horrible from having a cold. My goal is to be around 1:30. Full report tomorrow.

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Rob Chance said...

Great job. My kids did that years ago and loved it.
If you want to get Wyatt into a swim program, I highly suggest Swim Tulsa. He will be swimming like a fish in no time.