Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shoe Debate

I have been waffling for quite awhile on what kind of shoe I was going to wear for the Leadville Marathon. I have been running in lower profile shoes ever since my injury with plantar fasciitis. I know this is totally against what they tell you, but I think it is just a ploy to sell orthotics and inserts. The foots natural motion is what you should strive for and not with a hoof underneath your heel. You cannot get full range of motion with your Achilles with the extra cushioning and after time it will shorten and I think that plays a major role in tightening up the fascia muscle. I am also a major proponent of cold water baths after running. I think the combination of the two helped me get over my injury. With this, I have decided on the New Balance 790's. I have owned one pair in the past and I am going to go with them for the Marathon. The course is mainly on jeep roads and some trails and the 790's have a rock guard in them even though they are very light and low profile.
My new ones are black and only 8 oz. They should do the job just fine. I think the shoes are probably going to be one of the last things I am thinking of while I am gasping for oxygen. The scenery is going to be just awesome!
In case you were wondering, I wear size 12's and I will wear any of the colors.
One of the great things about the shoes are that they also make you look and run like Mercury. I can see the resemblance, really I can.

I am also thinking about volunteering at the Breckenridge Epic Mountain Bike race. I haven't decided yet, but it should be a fun time and I can experience something new. I definitely want to take a day and go to Boulder. I am not for sure what I will do, but it is where all the studs live and I want to go there. Who knows, maybe I will not come back?

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