Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sad Day

As I sit hear thinking about what I am going to write, a wide range emotions are going through me. Ya see, yesterday afternoon two cyclists were killed and a third injured while riding on Hwy 51 by Sand Springs. This is a popular route for riders and one that I and my oldest son have rode on before. It seems that a woman who was intoxicated at 4 in the afternoon swerved and plowed right into them as they were riding on the shoulder of the road. That area has a very wide shoulder and cyclists are not on the road. This brings up a lot of memories, questions, and of course the debate of whether cyclists belong on the road.

As someone who took cycling a year ago due to plantar fascitis in my foot, I have gained a whole new respect for cyclists. I enjoy being out there and getting the exercise and enjoying the scenery, but most others in the embossed tanks are not as happy. I have been yelled at, cussed at, honked at, and almost ran off the road. Most of this happens due to the perceived notion that I may be slowing them down. Where in the hell is the hurry? To get to work, QT, to get the last donut at Krispy Kreme? When ever we go back home to Illinois, everybody always drives slower and enjoys the surroundings. True, there is no hurry, because, where are you going to go? As soon as we get back in Tulsa, we can feel the difference. Everyone is in such a hurry.

Now the apparent fact in this one is that the accused, Tausha Borland, was drunk at 4 pm and driving with more alcohol in the vehicle. I have not led an angelic life and drank really hard was I was young and stupid. I have drove drunk many a times and have crashed vehicles, hit another car while drunk, and have gotten a DUI. I consider myself very fortunate to this day that I never killed anyone and that I am here today to tell about it. Everyday we are faced with choices and the choices we make are filled with consequences. Unfortunately, she made the wrong choices yesterday and she will reap the after effects. It is real easy to get mad and bitter towards her, but the reality of it is, she needs help. It is by the grace of God I was not in her shoes and that I have been set free from that for over 20 years. Whenever I go to running, cycling, and tri events, I cringe when I see those who are drinking get in there vehicles and drive off. I have been there, I am glad I am still not there, and I pray for that she will make her peace.

One of the most disturbing facts about this whole thing is that it has been reported that as her body lay in the road, people just drove around it and did not stop and others stopped and took pictures of her with their cell phones and drove off. I also read an e-mail about how some others were riding later on the same stretch and people were yelling at them about to get off the road and "see what happens to you." What have we become as a society? Have we lowered ourselves so much in the bottom of society that we no longer stop to help with an accident and we are more concerned with showing our friends that we got a picture of a dead body? As a culture, we are in trouble. I know not everybody is like that and good people did stop and help, but it still shows that we have a long ways to go in our societal evolution.

To Christa Voss and Matthew Edmonds, may you rest in peace and your families be comforted in this time of loss. To John Moore, may you have a complete emotional and physical recovery and may you live to ride another day. To Tausha Borland, may God have mercy on you.

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Bobby said...

Well said.

Rob Chance said...

It has changed the way I train. I always knew there were people out there like Ms Borland, thousands in fact. Most of my bike training is happening indoors from now on. I have too many people depending on me to get injured or killed by a drunk driver. I think the cycling community is still in shock over this. I hope something positive comes out of it.