Friday, June 19, 2009

They Say it's Your Birthday!

Yesterday was my oldest son, Will's birthday. He just turned 17. It is hard to believe that he has one more year and he will be on to college. It just seems like yesterday that he was born at St. Francis hospital in Peoria, IL at 7:18 pm. The thing that really stood out about him was that his feet were so big, that they had to turn them to get the footprints on the back of the birth certificate. He has lived up to that as he is taller than me and his shoe size has went past mine. It still doesn't matter though, I can still kick his butt!
He has definitely picked up on our craziness of exercise and this lifestyle. He plans on going to college and studying Kinesiology. He is having some trouble trying to find a school in OK for it, but my alma matter, WIU, has a program all the way through Master's. When he was tested in the 8th grade for reading comprehension, he was already at the college level. He just needs to make sure and apply himself.
He is a quiet, reserved young man that has a good head on his shoulders and knows right from wrong. His main love has always been Basketball, but he has branched out into other things. I am sure that he will remain athletic all his life. It is not like he hasn't been told.
He has went on two Spring Break mission trips with the youth at GUTS church. Here he is at a Rockets game in Houston with a friend.
He spends a lot of time with his younger brother and sister and they look up to him a lot. They tend to fight with each other, but he is always the level head and voice of reason. Once he does leave the house, they will truly miss him.
So, Happy Birthday son. Mom and Dad are proud of you!

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