Monday, March 9, 2009

New Ride

We have been talking for awhile about getting the misses a new ride and here it is. A Specialized Dolce Compact Elite. It has an aluminum frame with a carbon rear fork. This should be a good bike for her for whatever she wants to do. I hope that she enjoys it and really uses it to help her get into shape. We took it over to Riverside this Sunday and she rode 10 miles and even did a brick of a 2 mile run after biking. She enjoyed the biking, but hated the run. She may have a short lived Duathlon career. It is a cool color and should last a long time Enjoy the pics!Nice carbon forks!


T Z said...

Hey, nice ride. Very envious! makes me wanna RIDE.

Hey, I do not have your email, and I need to talk to Julie about some artwork for future t-shirts, if you're interested. I/TATUR can pay some for your time, or trade for race entrees, stuff, etc.

Bobby said...

Sweet ride!