Monday, August 24, 2009

TATUR Tulsa Mud Run Race Report

Saturday night was the second annual TATUR Mud Run held at Chandler Park. The run consists of 2 one mile loops that take you through mud slides, mud pits, tires, hills, and even road work. I had no idea what to expect, other than it was to be fun. I had won the TATUR Estimator and won a free comp entry for a 5 man team into this years race and put together a team from the Tulsa Running Club board, consisting of Marisa Dial, Mark Dolph, Daryl Stilson, Wes Hollander, and myself. We had every intention of winning the top prize, but still have some fun. I was the only trail runner in the group and it was interesting seeing my teammates in their white racing flats. I was in an old pair of Asic Trabuco trail shoes. After running in my New Balance 790's for so long, these felt like lead weight.
We started on the road in three waves. We were in the first wave, so we got the initial experience of the mud. The gun went off and so did everyone else. This girl took off past me like a shot and I struggled to keep up. I have not had any speed in my legs since the Leadville Marathon, so it felt like my legs were like lead weight. Mark and Daryl took off and I stayed on Wes's heels. After going through mud, tires, and then some hay bales, I passed the girl and headed back towards the start.
Once we get off the road we had to maneuver through several obstacles and this was one of them, the mud slide. The first time I went down it I didn't have much speed and basically stopped before hitting the mud hole. I slowed once in the mud hole, but was able to run through it. The second time I was spinning out of control and could not turn straight for anything.
The Tulsa Area Triathletes, which I am a member, sponsored another obstacle, the tire, mud, swim lake or whatever you want to call it. I love the sign.
This is what it looks like from the other side. If you were really good you could dive through the tires and do a face plant in the water. I was not that good. After I was through and watched the pit, I actually heard Reynaldo Gomez get booed by the crowd for not getting dirty enough. Tough crowd.
This is the backside of me in the blue after getting through the pit. At this point I was hurting so bad, I just wanted to finish. With the hills, obstacles, and mud soaked shoes, I was spent. I felt like I felt like I was running in reverse. I spent all I had on this course.
Daryl and Mark finishing up. They finished over a minute ahead of me. Mark and Daryl are both really fast road runners.
Here I am finishing up and never so glad to be done. I was right behind Wes and for some reason his bottom part of his tag came off in the mud, so they could not take it. He offered to give them his entire bib, but they declined. Marisa finished up about a minute behind me. I spent the rest of the time watching the other runners as the awards was done after all three heats were finished . It was funny to see people running dressed in three piece suits to a guy in a thong. Good thing it was on the outside of his shorts. After everything was done, it was time for the awards. We waited as a team and they announced the winners and we were not on the list. We knew this could not be right so we asked about it. I guess since Wes did not have his tag, they did not give him a time and I guess disqualified us? I am not for sure how that works and I am still confused on the age group awards. I was first in my age group, but did not get an award, I guess because I was on a five man team, but the people on the two man teams did place in the age groups? I have no idea how this works, but it does not really matter, the bottom line is that the race was for the Tulsa Burn Camp for Kids, so kids who get burned from fires can go to summer camp. Sounds like a great cause to me. Some people got a little excited about us not getting our award, but that is what happens when you mix alcohol, egos, and personal things into the mix. I was really proud of myself as I just laughed about it and went home in a good mood.
Yesterday after church, I went for a run on Riverside and when I came home, some oompa loompas had delivered our first place prizes for the 5 man team to my home. I guess they had worked hard all night long at the Wonka factory to make sure that we rightly got our awards. That Willy Wonka is a good guy after all, so buy some of his candy!
This is the before picture.
And after. Julie said I looked the cleanest of the three.

All in all it was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday evening. It benefited a great charity and it was nice to see some old friends. I am sure it will be a landmark annual event. It is time now to train hard for Turkey & TATUR's 50K in less than 3 weeks. Results for the Mud Run can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, was this even a race? Why would people get funky about the results? I commend you on your good attitude, but some of your other teammates need to chill.


tomdog said...

No, it really was not even a race, but if it was not a race, why time it? I understand the whole insurance and USATF thing, but whenever a run has a clock or people standing next to you who you normally race, it is hard to put aside the competitive nature, myself included. I raced it hard and when you put it all out, it is hard to not see your name where it should be. If it would have been a Marathon, I would have probably had a different outlook on it.

As far as my teammates, they are accountable for their own actions and it was only one teammate who was upset along with another board member who didn't even race. I will not argue about them needing to chill, but like I said in the review, this what happens when you mix alcohol with other ingredients. This why I don't drink.

See ya on Saturday Brian.

Bobby said...

Nice, fun event. The weather was awesome for the middle of August. Hilarious to see everyone I knew gettin dirty.