Friday, August 21, 2009

Leadville 100

Tomorrow is the big dance with the Leadville 100 trail race. After the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race last weekend with Lance Armstrong setting a course record and de-throning 6X champion Dave Wiens, it is time for the last event in the Leadville outdoor adventure series.
2X returning Leadville 100 champion, Tony Krupicka, in my mind and others is the odds on favorite and has made it well known that he is gunning for Matt Carpenter's previous course record. He will have his hands full as newcomer Tim Parr is in the field and some say he can take home the numero uno slot. Tim is fresh off a win last weekend at the Pikes Peak Ascent with a commanding performance, but did I mention that it was last weekend. I think that running a hard Ascent the weekend before the 100 is going to be his downfall. Leadville is the real deal and it will take all that you can give it.

Duncan Callahan is the returning Champion and is expected to be a contender, but I do not think he is anywhere in the league of Tony or Tim. Duncan is a great runner and should be top 5, but I think it he will be more around the 17 or 18 hour range and Tony is shooting for sub 16.

Most notably in this field is good friend and ultrarunner, Randy Ellis. Randy started doing the Leadville 100 in 1984 and has I think challenged the course 5 different times. He is a seasoned, wily veteran, who if anyone can come from low elevation and complete the race, it is Randy. He will not be up front with Tony and Tim, but he will get back to the start somewhere around 28 hours.

Also, hats off to those who competed in the Pikes Peak festival last weekend. Several local people participated and Matt Carpenter won the Marathon again uncontested. It was even reported that he looked bored as he did not have much competition. Still, it a great accomplishment for anyone to complete either one of the events. I think I may have it on the radar for next year. Probably, just the Ascent for starters.

Get outside, get some sun, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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