Friday, August 14, 2009

Action Packed Weekend!

Tomorrow is the Leadville 100 MTB race pitting 6X Gunnison, CO resident Dave Wiens against a fresh off a podium finish in the Tour De France, Lance Armstrong. Lance finished second to Wiens last year and that sparked Lance's return to competitive cycling. Lance will be stronger than ever this year, but Wiens is a wily veteran. Trek is sending a group of riders to push the pace for Lance, so I am not for sure if this is fair or not, but hey it is all about Lance. I like Lance, but he is a little full of himself.

This weekend is also the Pikes Peak race with the Ascent tomorrow and the Marathon on Sunday. A lot of mountain running studs are in the Ascent, but former local stud, Tommy Manning, is in the race and I think will surprise some people. He is fresh off a 7th place finish at the Mt. Washington Road Race and I think will place top 10, which is pretty impressive.

In the Marathon, Matt Carpenter is the favorite, but he will have his hands full this year with the return of Ricardo Meija. Meija is a former 5X winner and will give Matt a literal run for his money. This also marks the return of Arlene Pieper. Arlene the was the first woman to run a Marathon in US history, sorry to Katherine Switzer, but Arlene was way ahead of you. They located her and her daughter and they made arrangements for her to be there for her 50th anniversary of her completing the marathon.

Not to out done, I will be running the United Way Trailblazer 5K tonight. This does not seem to match up in magnitude compared to what I just reported. I would much rather be in Colorado. Anyway, my legs have been feeling good and I should have a great run. It looks like they may have changed the course this year and added some more hills, so times may be slower. I fully expect to be below 20 and put in a good showing for the bank. The kids are also running the race, so it will be a family affair.

Whatever you have going on this weekend, check out the results online, then get off the couch and get outside and enjoy life!

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