Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scenes From the Trail

One of the good things about going back home is that I get to run some great trails at Spring Lake.
Spring Lake is not a huge lake, but it does sport some really great trails that, I dare say, have steeper hills than Turkey Mountain in Tulsa. I know, heresy!
We start at the Marina and the trails then split up into several different off-shoots. For my adventure, I hit the longer Fox trail.
The trails are marked really well, due to the local Mountain Bikers. You can tell that they have spent a lot of time and effort on the trails.
Not too long into the trail, you hit a nice creek, or crick from my part of the woods.
The stream flows south from the spillway off the dam.
Standing on the bridge, I looked down and there was dead doe. She had been shot from a tree stand as she had been hit up close to her spine and came out her gut. She must have fallen over in the stream and never been found. Amazing, since no hunting is allowed out there, but I know how that works.
Plank bridge very reminiscent of the trails in Huntsville, Texas state park.
Beautiful time of the year to be in the woods.
If you look close at this, the Mountain Bikers had piled branches up and packed them with dirt to create ramps.
Looks like good bird cover.
Julie coming out of the trail. Before we started she said that the trails were probably pretty easy compared to Turkey Mountain. She regretted those words.
After a hard day in the woods, nothing can top it off better than an ice cream sandwich bigger than your head from Dairy Queen. That is one thing about Tulsa that I don't like, no DQ's, other than the small ones in the mall. They are everywhere back home.

Overall it was a good trip back home to see family and take some time away from the rat race. We really enjoyed the serenity of being back home, but it was also nice to be back in Tulsa.

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Julie said...

Those trails look beautiful Tom! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. There use to be a lot more DQ's in I usually only spot them in small towns that I go through. I miss DQ's!