Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Son

My beautiful wife sent me this e-mail today and I wanted to share it. This was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Happy Birthday Seth. Mommy & Daddy sorely miss you.

"I remember what today is. Today is a very special day. On this day 14 years ago a beautiful baby boy was born. He would have been a wonderful addition to a growing family. A parents second son, a younger brother to an older brother, a future older brother to a younger sister and a younger brother, another grandson to grandparents, a second nephew to an aunt and uncle, another cousin to cousins……as I pause to remember the moment I held him and thought how much he looked like my grandfather with his long fingers and the details of his face…..I miss him more than words can say….what would he have been like? What would he be doing today? Would he be more like his mother or his father or somewhere in between? How much more busy and fun and tiring and exciting our lives would be today if he were still here. I thank God, my heavenly father who is full of mercy and grace and love for us, for letting me be completely assured and at peace with the fact that Seth Elijah Dorothy is with Him and he is complete and whole, lacking nothing, nothing missing and nothing broken in his life and he is waiting to see us when we are satisfied that we have finished our race and we commit our spirit into our fathers hands."

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful email. Brought a tear to my eye. How old was he when he left this world?

Brian H. coming to the XMAS party?