Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

My how things have changed. It has been awhile since we had ran at Turkey Mountain and I thought what a better way to celebrate our anniversary than by a trail run on Turkey, but it has really changed.
They now have restrooms at the trailhead. I do not understand the concept for this as behind this is one gigantic port-a-potty. I guess this is for the ladies and to keep the freaks from freezing in the wintertime when they are trolling.
This is a view of the Tulsa skyline, but this area last summer was a gravel parking lot as they were putting in a new paved parking lot.
On the South side they have cut off the beginning of the Red trail and made it paved to connect to the East side. They also put in these new stone rocks.
Kind of looks like Moab.
This what we look like after 18 degrees and 9 miles of trail. This was a cold outing, but it made sure that you kept moving. I have always said it is one thing to be in shape and it is another thing to be in Turkey Mountain shape. Having not ran trails and hills in a long time, I was definitely not in good trail condition. After the run I looked like this.


Today is our 19th wedding anniversary and it has been a wild ride going from Illinois to Kentucky to Kansas and now Oklahoma. We have been through 4 kids, several dogs, and numerous jobs. This journey has taken me from being careered focused and out of shape to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I am now on a new adventure to tackle the triathlon world. This journey is never ending and I hope it never does. The search for who I really am has taken me far beyond what ever I had thought I could do. I owe my life to my wife, kids, and what endurance sports has given me. It has given me my life back and much more. So, Happy Anniversary dear and here's to many more.

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