Monday, October 19, 2009

Woolaroc 8K Race Report

On Saturday we headed to around Bartlesville to run the 29th Annual Woolaroc 8K throughout the Woolaroc ranch. This course had the reputation of being very hilly and it did not disappoint. It is about an hour drive from Tulsa, but it is very well worth it. We made a morning of it and had a blast.
Woolaroc was the getaway for Frank Phillips of Phillips 66 and Conoco Phillips fame. The name is a combination of Woods, Lakes, and Rocks, hence Woolaroc. The ranch in its current state is about 3,700 acres and has numerous wildlife that roams free throughout the ranch. One of the docents told us that they used to have Giraffes and Camels, but they could not adapt to the climate. It was quite the site to see.
The race started at 8:30 and we went to the west side of the parking lot and kind of scrunched in between the cones. I ended up being in about the 3rd row, which I do not normally do. I was surprised there was not a lot more fast runners as they offer cash for first, second, and third. Pete Orban was there along with Mark Dolph and several college age runners, but none of the other fast Tulsa runners.
And we are off. We headed out and curved around the lodge. I hit the 1k at 3:38. A little faster than I wanted, but I felt good. We then cross the dam and for almost a K we had a hill. My next split was right at 4:00. After that it was either up or down the entire time. I do not think that there was a flat spot anywhere on the course. I wanted to bag it so bad after 3K, but I kept going. I think I hit the 5K at 20:12, but everything was a blur. I made my way back to the lodge and the last half K is uphill to the finish. I hit the tape at 32:49, which is not where I wanted, but not bad for the course. I finished 19th overall and second in my age group.
Here I am receiving my 2nd place award for my age group. They gave us a cool Woolaroc buffalo bag with a pin for our placement.
Here is Mark Dolph after receiving his award.
This is a beautiful shot looking out over the Osage Hills and yes, they were hilly!
They also had one of the best Museums I had ever been in. I thought it was never going to end. The amount of Western, Indian, and local artifacts was unreal for something local. Frank Phillips was quite the collector.
I am a big Theodore Roosevelt fan and they had the saddle he wore for the Rough Riders reunion on display. Awesome!
Like I said, on the ranch were all kinds of wildlife. This is a Sika Deer. He was not too happy with me as he was very protective of his females.
This is one of his brood. She was not bothered at all by us being around.
Not for sure what this is. They had Zebras on the ranch, but I guess this was a cross between a Zebra and a horse. ?????

I can't even imagine getting gored by this. Those bullfighters are nuts.

It looks like Wyatt is not too impressed with his playing.
Belle Starr. If you look close, you can see that Belle has a bit of a bladder control problem.

This kind of sums it up, Thank God for such a beautiful day with the family. The results of the race can be found here.

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