Monday, October 5, 2009

Tulsa Zoo Run Race Report: Updated

Saturday was the 40th annual Zoo Run at Mohawk Park. This is the second oldest run in the state of Oklahoma and draws out a large crowd. They have an one mile fun run, 5K, and 10K, all of which end up inside the Zoo and you can check out the Zoo for free. This is always a hit with the kids and is not a bad day for the family. I have done the race a few times, but have never done well here. I really wanted to place well in my age group and get an award. I signed up for the 10K and signed Wyatt up for the 5K. The night before the race, Will and Wyatt were playing football and Wyatt came up with a bummed knee, but the race must go on.
On Saturday morning, Wyatt came into our bedroom walking like he had been injured in battle, so Will got told at 6:30 in the morning, you will be Wyatt and run the 5K today. Nothing like waking up to realize you need to run a race without any training. Oh well, he is young. I kind of look like I have a Mohawk in this picture. Perfect for the race!
The 5K started at 8:45, but the 10K started at 9. All the family had to be in the Zoo by 9 am or they would have to pay, so we only got pictures of the 5K start. Here is Will in line, I think he is winking at me.

The 5K is off and running. Scott Ostrem is in the red on the left at the start. After their start, it was time to eat a GU and warm up. I ran past Darryl Stillson, Mark Dolph, and a few others I know. I was feeling really good and had way too much energy when I woke up. I had not had any fast legs since the Leadville Marathon, but realized that I had been putting so much time in on the bike, it was zapping my speed. I just did some one hour fitness trainer bike rides and my legs came back. Coach, you were right.

At 9 AM, we were off. I held back a little and felt really good at the start and did not go after the leaders. Race conditions were almost perfect and I could not have asked for more. I went through the 1K at 3:43, still pretty fast but still felt like I was not pushing it too hard. Second K was 7:37, slowed a little. Somewhere about the 3K mark, a posse of some fast guys came through and I tried to hold onto them for as long as possible. I hit the 5K mark in 19:34 and still was not pushing that hard. 6K was in 23:34. In between 7 and 8K I started to fade. I hit 8K at 31:47. I had only been doing some intervals for a week and needed some longer tempo runs. In between 8 and 9K you have a hill on the back side access road for the Zoo. I hit 9K at 36:11. My dreams of sub 40 were fading. Somewhere around here, I know I got passed by some guys in my age group. I tried to pick it up on the last K, but it has a lot of turns and could not do much. I hit the tape at 40:15. Good time, but I though for sure I was going to go sub 40. I paced myself pretty well on the course, but I think I held back a little too much.

Will ended up running the 5K in 27:25, a new PR for him. I am very proud of him. I just wish he would run more.

We waited around for the results enjoying the food and fellowship, when the big bomb hit. Ladies and Gentlemen, the timing is messed up and there will be no awards. This was a first. I do not get all bent out of shape about these things, but others do. I have done enough Ultras to not get impatient about the results. Road runners are a different breed. If you do not get the results up 2 seconds after they finish, they are ticked off. They said they had problems with a new timing system and would get the results up by Monday morning. As I am typing this, they are still not up. I am just curious is to see if I placed and those guys that passed me are in my age group.

So, no results, time to hit the Zoo.
Wyatt and Shannon on the Lion statue. I think this is illegal in 4 states.
Picture of a family member, obviously not from my side.
Don't ask.
Nice kitty. Female Snow Leopard.
The face on this Ostrich, kind of looks like some of my co-workers.
A Kite. No not the kind your Grandma bought you. They are part of the Hawk family and are native to this part of OK.
Bard Owl.
I am always impressed with the Rhinos. I try to imagine what it is like to be in the jungle and run across one of these. This would definitely be a shorts changing experience.
Asian Elephant. Smaller ears and not as big as the African cousins. They only weigh about a 1,000 lbs.
Nothing finishes the day like taking the train home. The Zoo was neat, good run, and a great day to be out with the family. Once the results are posted, I will update the blog. Unless of course I didn't place. LOL.

Results are finally up. They can be found here. 3rd in Age group. Not bad.

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Mark said...

Good race Tom, even though it wasn't the sub-40 you were hoping for. We hated to miss it, but Cameron had an early morning football game. This is the second year in a row with big timing/wrong age groups/results problems at the Zoo Run. They had always used Glen's up until last they've tried two different timing services the past two years, and both have not worked out well. Hope they return to Glen's next year.