Friday, September 18, 2009

Late, Late Weekend Report

Things have been really chaotic as of late and I have not had anytime to blog. Hopefully that will change. Last weekend Will started an intra-mural football league at Rhema. He had his first game last Saturday and he is really excited about playing.
He is in the green making a cut to the left. He was a little slow starting out, but he came around towards the end. He is really laid back and needs to be more aggressive.
Wyatt in the bleachers. Say What? If you look close you can still see pizza sauce on his face.
The meeting of the minds. The big guy in the red is Fui and he is one big Samoan.
He looks really excited.
Saturday morning I also did the 56 mile DAM JAM ride in Pryor. This is a really neat ride and one I enjoy as the aid stations cannot be beat. The people are so friendly and have that small town feel. They remind me so much of the people back home.
I have got to get one of these. This was some sort of electric car, but he was also pedaling it like a bike. You got me.
Team Crude bus was there blaring old hippie music. You have got to love this. These are my kind of people.
You can see the pool on the right and the mass of cars. I do not know how many people do this ride, but it is a lot. After this ride my legs were feeling pretty beat up. I have just rode easy this week on the trainer. Sunday during my run I aggravated left shin, so I have been taking it easy.

I also have a big announcement coming that will blog about in the near future. I do not want to do it now for lack of time, but it is huge and I am really excited about it. Have a great weekend!

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