Thursday, September 20, 2012

Boston Bound

Well, it is official, I have been accepted into the 2013 Boston Marathon. I have debated for several years on whether to register or not. I have qualified 4 times, but I have always felt a check in my spirit that the timing was not right to do so. The first year I qualified we discussed it as a family and thought we had plenty of time and bam, 9 hours later, it was closed. Fortunately, the staff behind the Boston Marathon revamped their entry process and it has changed the process tremendously. This year I was able to register on day 1 at 10 AM EST. My confirmation on my qualifying time was done later on that afternoon. 

So, let the excitement begin. The rooms are booked and I will do the same on the flights later. For now let the anticipation and excitement begin. My first ever Boston. I am so excited!

Bib Wave/
Name Age M/F City St Ctry Ctz  
    Dorothy, Tom 46 M Tulsa OK USA USA  

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