Friday, January 21, 2011


After being offline for over a week, due to some Malware that got on our computer, I am now back on line. It really irks me that these people, who have obvious great technical abilities, decide to use it for bad instead of for good. Instead of applying their talent to the greater good of society, they decide to use it for evil. Really a sad story about the demoralization of society. Pretty heavy stuff.

We had our first meeting for the 360 Sports bike team and we have a few races lined up for this year. Some are the obvious ones, like the Tulsa Tough, and some are new, like a new crit race in Owasso in August. I will still run during my time of cycling as my love of running will always be on the forefront for me. I will have to concentrate more on the cycling, but I will still run. I would like to sneak in a few races in this spring or maybe even an Ultra. I will do the Sweetheart run in Feb and attempt to go sub 19 in the 5K. I may also double up and add the 20K for kicks. I am still up in the air with the Post Oak trail run and then I may do the St. Patrick's Day 5K. Other possibilities are Lake McMurty in April or the OKC Marathon in May. We are having our first 360 Sports Tri/Bike club this Saturday and I may change my schedule based upon what the group is doing. I know they are looking at the Leadville 50 in August. That may go on the race schedule.

The biggest news is that I finally got a job to where I can be at home at nights with the family and lead a somewhat normal life. Whatever that is. I have always worked odd shifts throughout my career and for our last six years in Tulsa, I have been on second shift. I will be moving to the Mortgage division of Bank of Oklahoma and be embarking on a new adventure there. This is great news as my current position is slated to be eliminated this summer. God is so good that I do not have to worry about getting downsized, but instead I get a new day shift position with a pay raise. We are so blessed.

There have been some great reads on other blogs, like Geoff Roes, to where people are posting anonymously and are having to be screened. It is great for people to voice their opinions, but it is still hard to not take things personal or really limit who posts on your blog. I understand completely what Geoff has had to do. You check it out here.

This is just a quick update as we have been offline for awhile. Life is such an adventure and I relish what God has planned for us next. Maybe it is time to step out in the ministry? Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Great news about being off of nights. I am sure you will enjoy some evening time with the family.

Brian H.