Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 4/30/10

Rode the trainer today for 1.25 hrs with the looming storms clouds outside. May lift some weights at the Y later.

Ran an easy 5 miles yesterday. The calves are loosening up and starting to feel better from the OKC Marathon. Swam at the Y for a half an hour.

Tomorrow is the big MIWOK 100K race in SF. Hope everyone has fun. Very stacked field and I hope that Tony Krupicka tears it up. I am sure he is using this to get into Western States.

A lot of triathlons tomorrow also, Escape From Alcatraz, Ironman St. George, and others.

Kids are doing the Renal Run tomorrow night downtown.

Also, tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. I watch it every year. This all started from when we lived in Kentucky. The experience around it is awesome. Have a great weekend!


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T Z said...

Yo Tomdog. Patiently waiting for your report on the LSD with LSB. Like the new banner. Where is that?

Congrats to Will. Guess that makes you an old man now, huh?

tomdog said...

That is Turquoise Lake outside of Leadville.

The report is up.

You and Dana going to be able to make it on Friday?