Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scenes from Post Oak Trail Run

I spent the last weekend helping keep the aid stations stocked and set up for the TRC Post Oak trail run. Julie and the kids helped out both days at the aid stations and made sure that everyone running was taken care of. This was not an easy task and after all this, everyone was pretty whooped. Here some of the scenes.
Oklahoma Botanical Gardens, where we had one of the aid stations.
Part of the trail around Flatrock aid station.
Curtis and Kristi at the Botanical Gardens aid station on Saturday during the Marathon.
Runners coming up the trail on Sunday to the Flatrock aid station.
Runners re-fueling on Sunday. Great table fare.
Good friend and great Ultrarunner, Randy Ellis at Flatrock.
If you look real close, you can see white specks or runners, heading up Holmes peak.

Good friend and great runner Mike Adams after he finished up on Sunday after two days of running.
On Sunday, I think that I spotted Bigfoot. I could make millions in the tabloids with this.
Sorry, just a Zombie.
Great view of downtown Tulsa. Such a beautiful place.

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T Z said...

Come could STILL make millions with that pic. Thanks to you, Julie, Will, Shannon, and Wyatt for your two long days of help out there.